Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Hello Kitty MAC Review

Sorry it took me so long to right a review, But better late than never. I'm going to review everything I bought from the Hello Kitty Color Collection from MAC.

I bought the Brush set that came out with the collection, and these brushes are my first MAC Brushes. This is the 239, And it's perfect for packing in colors. I definitely buy the full sized one.

Strayin'(on the left) is a very mauve pink but still pink, Cute-Stre(in the middle) is a neutral color with some shimmers to it. and Big Bow a Pink color with blueish undertones. My favorite is Cute-Ster.

Nice Kitty(on the left) is very bright pink with blue shimmers, Mimmy(in the middle) Is coraly pink with shimmers. She Loves Candy is a mauve pink. My favorite one Mimmy. I have Sweet Strawberry too, but have no picture. It's a dark mauve pink.

I bought both palettes, the Lucky Tom palette contains Creme Royal, Paradisco, Stylin' and Lucky Tom. The Too dolly palette contains Yogurt, Rompin, Too Dolly, Stately Black. I love both palettes. Lucky Tom is my favorite though.

I bought my first Pigments and my first Reflects Glitter. I have used the Reflect Glitter yet. But I have used the pigments. I bought Milk and Deep Blue Green and I love them both. But Milk I have to use wet. Deep Blue Green Pigment is my favorite.

Yes I had fun with this picture. ^_^

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