Monday, June 17, 2013

New phone! Yay!

Finally have a phone that will let me have more than 3 apps! So now I can blog easily again, so for my first post in while, here's a NOTD! I'm trying out the the "nail dresses" by Kiss, I always see them, but never think about picking them up, I haven't really found a design that really stood out enough for me to purchase one. But a friend of mine, gave me a sample pack to try out. So far, the application was simple, peel and stick. As far as the wear time, I'll have to check back. On the rest of my nails(which has been so long since I've had done my nails, because half of my nails on my right hand are smudged so bad, that I have wait for nails to completely dry to remove the polish and start over, yes, it's that bad) I have jessi's girl polish in all things girlie. Thanks for reading! have a great day!
Keyry <3

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