Friday, May 27, 2011

La Colors Foundation Review

I was only able to use this foundation for ONLY 3 days, This was due to the fact that the pump broke. But was able to use this enough times to determine if I like this product. When I first applied this foundation I didn't like how it made my skin feel, it felt sticky, it felt like my skin couldn't breath. But as the day went it didn't feel as sticky, but still sticky to a degree. the staying power of this foundation is decent, it stayed on for about 8 hours, after that I noticed in some areas it had rubbed off. I don't recommend applying with your hands, because it balled up on me, I also don't recommend applying with a foundation brush, because it will streak. I used a my MAC 180 brush, the stippling brush and worked well. This foundation seems to blend okay, but has a tendency to appear blotchy. As for the coverage, I would say it gave me sheer to medium coverage, you could try to build it up more, but every time I tried, it appeared blotchy to me. Over all it's an okay product, but because the pump broke, I have tried to fix it with no luck, I wouldn't recommend. Maybe if it came in a different packaging, but it was only a dollar, so if your inclined to, give it a try.
My ratting - **1/2 stars

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