Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Comic Con 2012

Hello Everyone!
So as promised, I have the pictures of Comic Con week! Now if you don't know about Comic Con, it's basically IMATS for people who love comic books. If you don't care for this sort of thing, then you can skip this post, I will have a beauty related post after this one. Well, This was the first time my husband has been to Comic Con, I have attended a handful of times, I was really happy he could get the time off work. We bought tickets for Friday, but we wanted to pick them up a day before, to avoid having to go through the registration on friday and because we wanted to get into the after parties later that take part on thrusday night.

If you live in San Diego, then you know what comes with the territory of Comic Con week, The troleys are decked out with whatever is popular at the moment, well if you any of noticed, Ponies are making a come back. My husband and his friends are big fans of My Little Pony, I am catching on too. So you can imagine how we reacted, when the Pony trolley came to the station infront of the convention center. We ran to the station as soon the crosswalk light gave us the go to walk across.

So when we got to the station, we what any crazed fans would do, start taking pictures, because you all know this, Pictures or it didn't happen!

So as we were done taking picture and drooling on the outside of the trolley, we pushed the button to open the doors and climbed aboard! I know, I might be frightening a few of you, if not all. But this was so exciting!

After we sat inside, my husband and I noticed that there was posters all around, so we ran up and down the trolley, taking pictures of all the posters.

After we rode the trolley back to the station that we had parked our, he called his friends and told them about our adventures. Since they had a day off and were going to see the stuff that was going on around the convention center, because they weren't able to buy tickets. We decided to pick them and take in the sights to see. Our friend, Eric, is a big fan of Advenure Time and the Children's museam had a section dedecated to that cartoon, just for that week, so of course we went to check it out :)

So when we finished up at the children's museum, we walked arround some more and notice that the Pony trolley had come back. Our friend, Michael, was much of a Pony fan as my husband, he was wearing his "Brony" shirt that day. So he was estactic when he got the chance to ride the Pony trolley too!

So after we took our friends home, we went home to take a small nap and to get ready to go out later that night. This is ready and waiting in the car :) We were getting some energy drinks to help keep us up.

We went to VH1 event, they had people sitting on the grass enjoying the music and enjoy the atmosphere.

Heres a picture of Myself, My Husband, My Sister in Law's Husband and My Sister in Law :)

Rob Zombie was the special guest at this event.

Now, I was trying to upload this to YouTube, to share with you guys, but because it contains music, it had had sound taken out of it, which sucks. I wish Youtube would help me with giving the rights to the proper people, so I could share the video with you guys. So I have the video uploaded to FaceBook, unless they decied to give me problems...

The wall of awesome shirts, this is where I got my hubby his shirt from last year
Link below to buy them online


David Hasselhoff was at comic con too :)

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