Thursday, January 2, 2014

FOTD- Pin up eyes.

Today I decided just have black liner, I packed one of Too Faced sample liners I received in a gift set, so I decided to use them today. It's been sitting in my "haven't used yet" pile at home and the moment I applied it on my eyes,  my thoughts were: Why Haven't I been using it! It glided on easily and was opaque, I felt like I was drawing on with gel liner, so soft and it dryed instantly, which is kind of blessings and curse, so I don't recommend this for beginners. I have other liners for smudging, so I'm not fazed by this, but I'm so glad I found this in my stash. Today, we ventured into Downtown Mobile and went to Emporium to see and an IMAX movie called "Into the Artic", I've never seen an IMAX movie, so I didn't know what to expect, it was amazing even though my eyes were having a hard time staying focused. Well I leave you with this FOTD.  Thanks for Reading!

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