Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Impressions- Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf

So this apparently is the first fragrance by Victor & Rolf, who are very big in artistic fashion, as you can tell from looking at this bottle. It's very unique, I've never seen one like this before(It looks like a grenaide, it's so cool!). When I first tried this perfume, these are the first things that popped into my head: marshmallows and cotton candy. Very sweet, kind of intoxicating sweetness, but I also noticed a bit of a flowery scent.

Here are the the notes for this perfume, for those of you who like to look for certain notes.: Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, Patchouli

Just by looking at this bottle, I would go bonkers, it's so pretty and shiny. But because I can't really take really sweet scents( or be near that smells like cotton candy, I not a fan of it) I couldn't really justify spending 50$ for a .68 oz bottle of something I would never wear, even if the bottle looks so cool! But if you are intersted in something like this or want to check it out for yourself, I will put a link below, hope this was helpful!

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  1. I love the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb because they remind me so much of the CK In2U for Her which I can't find anywhere. I'm still saving up to buy this scent and I still can't justify buying it now even if I have the money just because I have a lot of perfumes and body mists.

    1. You could try search for it online, I found one 1 oz for 60$, don't know how the shipping will be though or try going to a discount perfume store, but you always have to be careful, I heard that sometimes they sell the water down version of the original. You could always wait for when sephora is having a sale on perfumes :)

    2. Wait, that first wasn't helpful, that's 10$ more than at sephora...Disregard that first thing ^.^;