Friday, January 13, 2012

IMATS Plan & Prep- January

Hello gals & guys! Like I said a few months earlier, I'm going to IMATS in Pasadena(which is funny because it's called IMATS LA, my husband asked where it was going to held and I told him at the Pasadena Convention center. To which he told me "so it's going to be in Pasadena, not LA" to which I asked him "Is Pasadena in LA? to which he said "Yes, but it's called Pasadena, not LA" Yeah, my husband gets technical with that sort of thing, I retaliate by tickling him :P) Anyways, I said was going to blog my journey to IMATS, which I've made thre first step already and didn't blog about it (bad keyry!) The first step I have taken is to search and reserve a hotel room, I have already found a hotel, that is fairly close to the hotel for a good price. Booking a room early is key to getting a good deal and booking with sites like is what I used (: ) are also a big help! It's also a good to book in advance to make sure you get it squared away, so you don't scramble later and pay more than needed or worse don't find any rooms :O Another thing to keep in mind is how many people will be going with you, so when you're reading room details you can see if comes with an extra bed or couch that can pull out into a cot. Another thing to look into while booking a room, to think how long will you be in the room for, if you are going to spend a significant amount of time in the room, maybe you could splurge for a 3-star room for a better ambience. But if your just using room to sleep, then might just need 1 or 2-star room, in my opinion. Now if you are traveling alone, you might have to look for a hotel in a nice neighborhood, unless you're thrill seeker. Even you are traveling with other girls, I would still find a hotel in a nice area, just to be safe. I'm going with my husband and his friend, so I feel a bit secure :) I hope this was helpful in some way, I'll keep checking to see when hotel rooms start decreasing availability, if any of you are planning to go IMATS LA, let me know what you're excited about! :)
Best wishes,
Keyry <3

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