Saturday, June 23, 2012

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Sorry for not posting in a while, life got a little hectic, finances began to tighten up, which is why I will not be attending IMATS LA this year :( But I will make it to IMATS next year, for all those who were able to go, I hope you travel safely and share your trip with me in the comments below. Now due to the bit of financial hiccup that I am right now, hopefully for little while, I have been looking for ways to make every dollar count. Hence the reason for this post, I have been obsessed with coupons lately, clipping, searching, calculating how to make every coupon count, everytime I go grocery shopping. But I never put two and two together until I came across a blog, called Nouveau Cheap. It's a blog dedicated to saving money when buying cosmetics. So I thought that I would make it my business, to try and post about sales, clearance and other great findings at low prices, like today!

While I was at Walgreen's I saw this display of the new foundation by Revlon, it looks similar to l'oreal's Magic Smooth Souffle had released a couple months ago. Well if you read carefully on the display, in right top corner, they have a buy one, get one half off deal. So if you are looking to try it, better get to your Walgreen's soon, the deal ends June 30th.

Now, on to the awesome discoveries, in the little clearance basket, that is place at the front of the cosmetic register, they had a few of the Maybeline ExpertWear eyeshadows for 3$! Nice right?

They also had a few of the of the Maybeline ExpersFinish nail colors for 2$!

They also had a bunch of the Maybeline Color Sensation lip products, for 3$!

They had a few of the Maybeline Eye Studio Color Pearls Marbleized eyeshadow, for 3$!

They had a few of the Maybeline Fit Me Blushes, for 3$!

A few of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail colors, for....

4$! Is that blue such a gorgeous color, I would have picked one up, but I already have a nail polish in that color

I could help my curiosity when I came across this, it suppose to help you find your perfect shade.

And here are the coupons that are good until June 30th

There are some really good one, if you follow Nouveau Cheap, then you will be able to coordinate these coupons with sales and get more for your money :)

I hope this is was helpful, I will continue to post more about sales, coupons and clearance items I find Be sure to follow Nouveau Cheap, she have more list on where to find coupons:)
Happy Shopping!

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