Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reason why I haven't posted anything in a while- 1#

Okay, so it's been a while since I have posted anything in a while. I volunteer a lot of my time in my nephew's cub scout pack and in my niece's girl scout, I'm actually the daisy leader for her troop. And it's always a blast, like today, We had a "Round-UP", which is their recruiting event. We a had the kids make cars out of cardboard boxes and had them race around the track like little NASCAR cars and the parents played the part of the kids pit crews, it was so much fun. I was the Pace car, as you could probably tell. At the end, the adults raced the cars they had made and had their kids be their pit crews.

The event went very well, had so many people come participate, we got the word about cub scouts to parents that were interested and the kids had a blast. All who came to help were tired and hot, like I am today, but we are proud of what we accomplished. I'm looking forward to doing this again, like other times, feel great that I did my part to make this world a little better. So no make up today or for the next few days, until I recover. But will add pictures of today, later on in the day, when camera is recharged. Thanks for reading :)

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