Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walgreen's Haul! Tons of Savings!

Hello! So, I went back to Walgreen's to conqueror the clearance section and man did I do some work!

Retail at Walgreen's, the Maybeline Sensational lipsticks are normally 7.99 and here I have 6.
Also at Walgreen's, the Maybeline Expert Eyes eyeshadow quad are normally 6.49
And at Target, the Revlon Lip butters are normally 6.49

Maybeline Lipsticks: 7.99 x 6= 47.94
Maybeline Expert Eyes eyeshadow quad: 6.49
Revlon Lip Butter: 6.49

Total being normally: 60.92

Want to know what I really paid?

Well at Target, I had a 3$ off any Revlon product, so the lip butter only came to 3.76, plus tax.
I had a 1$ off any Maybeline product for each one of the Maybeline items and I also was able to combine the 1$ off store coupon, found in the monthly coupon booklet and use it on each one of the Maybeline products, for a total of 2$ off each of the Maybeline Items.
Target total:
Walgreen's Total:
Grand total for today:
Total Savings:

And Now For the Swatches, because I know how much you guys love see product swatches :)
And also, Lip swatches! Let me know if you would like to do this more often, or if you would not like to see my lips so close ^_^;;
Here are my bare lips

I'm sorry if any of you are offended, but you don't have read if you don't want to :P

This is Maybeline #850 in Porcelain Pink, it looks like a very creamy bubble gum pink

I think this might be too much of a creamy color for my skin tone, but I will try to pair it with either a darker lip liner underneath or a orange lip gloss on top

And here it is on my lips, it reminds me of Nicki Minaj lips in her Super Bass video, I'm not sure it's a flattering look for me, unless you guys think so, let me know in the comments below :)

Here's Maybeline's # 875 in Elegant Lilac, now it looks innocent in the tube, but man is it pigmented!

It is a deep mauve purple, very creamy opaque color

As you could tell by looking at my lips, I will have to figure out how to pull this off.

Here's Maybeline's #870 in Afternoon Tea and in the tube, it looks very similar to a color I already own.

It's a also a creamy opaque color, it comes across as a nude pink with a hint of mauve.

Here it's on my lips, I really like it, it brings out the best out of my skin tone, I will have to pick up a back up of this

Here's Maybeline's #40 in Fuchsia Fresia, it's a very bright pink.

Not to say that it isn't as opaque as the first few colors, but it seems to a little on the sheer side, not to you couldn't build it up.

As you could tell, it's can be very loud pink, a bit mauve toned also.

Here's Maybeline's #20 in Strike a Posy

When I took the cap off this one, I knew this one would be my favorite, peachy pink color with a hint of shimmer. This color just screams, wear me all summer! :)

What you think guys? I think I should dedicate one week of looks to this lips color? It could be fun!

Here's Maybeline's #30 in Tigerlily Treat

This is a barbie pink, like the two colors before, this is a bit on the sheer side but is buildable

As you can tell, I'm not sure if I could pull this color off, what do you guys think?

Here's Revlon's Lip Butter #20 in Brown Sugar, my 3rd time trying lip butters.

 A very nude brown with a hint of pink, I love how these feels on my lips

This is like my natural lip color, but better. Perfect nude color for me :)

And here is my last product to share, Maybeline's ExpertEyes eyeshadow quad #20Q in Cashmere Gray

This will be my first time trying Maybeline's eye shadows, so I will let you know I like them.

They swatch okay, the black shade seems to be the problem child, but we have ways of making it cooperate, don't we, my precious? Okay, I'm sorry, I had to let my nerd hang out for a bit :P

Remember I said I had a color similar to Afternoon Tea?
First swatch left to right, is MAC's Lipstick in Syrup, then Afternoon Tea and lastly Elegant Lilac. So yeah, I will definitely be picking up a few back ups :)
I hope you enjoyed reading and hope this was helpful in some way. Happy shopping, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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