Monday, September 12, 2011

First impression: Revlon Perfect Heat 1" Curling Iron

Today I recieved my new curling iron from the very nice mail man, I bought it online from walmart. Since I had just opened it and had some time, I decided to do a first impression for you guys.
Curling iron price: 9$
Heat up time: 5 mins
Hair length: little past shoulder
Hair type: thick
Style time: 20 min
This won't be a full on review because this will be based on my first use of this iron, but from my first use I love it. For every lock of hair, which was 5" long and inch thick, it took a few seconds for my hair to be hot to the touch and my hair is thick for reference. It's very light for handling, which is good because I'm weak and it took about 10 mins to cool down enough for me touch it and put the little cover that it came with. Over all, from first use, I love it but I will give a more indepth review at the end if the month for those who would want it :)

And this my hair after 12 hours after curling it, mind you I have curly hair already.

I'm pretty with the end result :)

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