Monday, September 12, 2011

First impression: Profusion Eyeshadows

I don't know if this still counts as a first impression, because I have tried their eyeshadow before and I was not impressed. But I saw their display at Walgreen's and saw that they had a few palettes. So I said what the heck, it was only a 1$, so I grabbed the one with the neutral colors. As I opened it for the first time, I see that there was some big chunks of glitter as you can probably tell in these pictures. But when I went to swatch, hardly any of the glitter stuck to my hands, these eyeshadows are also kind of powdery, so that also something to watch out for. All but 2 eyeshadows has good color pay off, some of the lighter colors are a bit sheer but could be built up till desired color. Over all they are good eyeshadows, should you run out and get all of the palette right this second? No, they are not that great. But if you are at Walgreen's and want to give them a try for yourself, go ahead. And if you end up not liking them, they were only a dollar, so there no big money being spent. Oh, while I was looking at these palettes, I saw that Walgreen's had some ELF palettes too :)

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