Monday, September 12, 2011

Nail tips!

I know that maybe that the things here might not be news to some of you(probably most of you who read this will just see it as a been there done that) But if you want figure out how to repair your goopy nail polish, keep reading. So, a couple days ago, I was looking through my nail polish collection and noticed that some of them were getting thick and goopy. I didn't want to throw them away, so I went looking for a way to save them, I heard that adding nail polish remover makes them less goopy, but I came to discover that ruins the product. The best way, from doing my own research, is to buy nail polish thinner, which you can find at Sally's beauty supply, I found one at for 7$, which seems reasonable, considering you only need a few drops to restore your goopy polish. Another thing I discovered by reading, that a China Glaze nail polish does not get goopy, no matter how long you have it, so I decided to test that theory, I happened to have a China Glaze nail polish in Sangria for 4 years. So I pulled it out and opened it and sure enough, it was still the same consistency as if l just bought yesterday. And I know that thought of spending 7$ on a bottle of nail polish is disgusting, I don't even like spending more than 4$ on a bottle of nail polish and I don't :D So i'm going to give a few good links where you can buy China Glaze and other great brands of nail polish.
Also if you look on, you can also find some China Glaze for as low 1$!
And of course, what's a nail blog without some pictures :)
On my nails toda

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