Monday, September 26, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner pencil Swatches

So, I'm a little late on the Urban Decay 15th anniversary 24/7 Liner set Swatches, but I have time and nothing to do, so why not. This set retails, or should I say retailed because I checked the site and couldn't find it, for 92$. Which is really pricy for a eye liner set, I think this was the most expensive I have ever saved for. It comes with 15 full sized 24/7 eye liners and a Grind House sharpener. The shades range from everyday wearable shades to fun bright colorful shades, As you will see in the picture below. I will also take through ever pencil on how I have used them myself.

Midnight Cowboy, Corrupt, Stash, Zero, Asphyxia, Mildew, Bourbon, Perversion, Rockstar, Stray Dog, Electric, Uzi, Binge, Baked, Ransom

Binge is a metallic navy blue, I usually add this to a neutral eye for a pop of color or put a navy eyeshadow and use as a color booster, or put it in the inner corner when doing a smoky brown look, which I love to do :)
Rockstar, to me looks like a burgundy wine color and is my first experience with this kind of color. Ways I have found to use it is as a liner with neutral eye look, sometimes I would smoke it out for a sultry look. Or placed under a similar color to boost the color, or when wearing a mauve pink eyeshadow, I would use this a liner instead of black, for a more softer look.
Corrupt, looks to me like a earthy brown with little bits of shimmer. I have so much fun with this color, I use it instead of black with neutral looks or I use as a base for brown eyeshadows or I use as a liner with smoky navy blue looks.
Baked is interesting color for a liner, I have never come across a liner like this, it is a metallic bronze color. But I have found some uses for this, under a bronze eyeshadow for a color boost or put in the inner corner when doing smoky navy looks, which is my favorite way to wear it :)
Perversion is the blackest eye pencil I have ever owned, I say this because I have a gel liner that is black as this pencil. I pretty sure you all know the many way to use a black liner, but I will write down them anyways, I wear this liner with almost every kind of look, place under with similar or other colors and place it in the water line.
Bourbon is a metallic soft brown, if that can be possible. And like a black liner, this color is pretty much fool proof, but I'm going to write the ways to use it anyway. I wear with neutral looks for a more softer look, sometimes I smoke it out for an easy sultry look or under similar colored shadows.
Ransom, to looks like metallic violet, this is one of my favorites in this set. I love to wear this with a light purple eye shadow as a wash of color and this as a liner, it make my brown eyes pop! I also wear as liner with a neutral eye look for a pop of color or place under a similar colored eyeshadow as a color base.
Stash is dark olive brown color and also a color I have not come across for a liner anyways. Although I have found a few ways to use it, I wear this with a natural eye looks for a more softer look than just using black or place under similar eye shadows as a color base.
Zero is black(obviously..^_^;;) with a hint of brown, well it looks like to me. Like Perversion, you all probably know how to wear this, but because I run this, I can write if want :P I wear this as liner with every look imaginable and some use it as a color base with different colors or similar colors.
Stray Dog look to me a charcoal brown and I have to admit that I only have one way to use this color. I'm sure if I experiment more, I could find more ways to use this color, but for now, I just use it instead of black with neutral looks :)
Uzi is charcoal grey and is one of my favorites in this set. I love wearing this with light lavender looks, with natural looks instead of black or under similar eye shadows as a color base.
Mildew is a metallic olive green and I didn't think I would like this liner, but it's actually ones of my favorite liners in this set. I pop this in the inner corner with dark green or olive smoky looks, under similar colored eye shadows as a base color, or by it self with natural looks and/or smoked out for an easy smoky look :)
Midnight Cowboy is a shimmery pink beige and when I first looks at this liner, I though to myself "How the heck am I going to use this?" but this has become one of my most used and favorite liners. I pop this in the inner corner, I use this as a brow highlight, I place under similar colors as color base or use to highlight my face sometimes :)
Asphyxia is a shimmery fuchsia liner, this one of my favorites and possibly the only reason why this set caught my eye. Because this reminded me of a color in my pro color palette that I love, they ways I love to use this: When doing a smoky purple eye I pop this in the inner corner or I wear this under similar colors, or wear as a liner with neutral looks.
Electric is a shimmery cyan blue liner, this is one my favorites and possibly the reason I convinced my husband to let me have it :) Cyan is his favorite color and he loves it when I wear it. I wear this under similar colors as a color base, in the inner corner with navy, purple, pink and other colors for a pop of color or as liner with neutral colors instead of black liners.

This is probably the best investment I have ever made, I love these liners and have many uses for them. Unfortunately they don't have it in stock at the online store, but maybe if you are lucky you can find at a sephora near you. I thank you for reading and hope this was some help. Love you all and hope you are all well and happy! Until my next post, Have a great day!

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