Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Mark- Get in Line liner in- Deep Aqua

When I was little, I remember borrowing my mother's Avon Catalog and instead of going straight to the kid section of it, like a normal kid would do, I would go straight the cosmetic section(and of course getting caught looking at and getting lectured saying that I was to young to be thinking about wearing make up...)My first lip gloss(and of course it wasn't the deep red one I wanted, it was a sheer pink one, because I was too young to wear such dark and provocative color or so my mother told me) was from Avon, so when I heard that Mark was a cosmetic branch off of Avon, I was all over it. This was my first product from mark

I was a bit skeptical about this liner though, one it was very small, the packaging was very simple, yet complex, Mark has this hook up system, which is suppose to make it easy to travel with the products. So if you are girl on the go, this might be something you want to look into. When I first opened the product, I almost didn't want to even swatch it, it had one of those all over the place applicator, very big turn off! Many time I have bought products with similar applicators and have been frustrated with them, even using the small short stoke technique, the liner would all over where I don't want them to be. But since I received in a swap, so I though the least I would do is try it out.

When I swatch this liner on my hand, my heart nearly stop, I was so shocked at how pigmented the liner was and it was only one sweep. I though I swatching one MAC's liquid liners, so I decided I would to apply it on my eye. Surprisingly, I didn't have a problem applying this liner, regardless of the applicator, mind you, I was using very short strokes and slow motions, but it really wasn't necessary, the applicator wasn't flimsy. They staying power of this product is a beast, like you have to have a oil based make up remover to take this off(I had to get some to get the swatch to come off my hand xD), so that's also a plus. You can purchase this product at the online Mark store(which I will provide a link for below) or from Avon lady for only 6$(I know right) They have only a few shades though, so if you would like to try out some good liquid liners that are comparable to MAC's Liquid last for a cheaper price, you should check it out, I know I will. I hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading!

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