Thursday, April 5, 2012

FOTD- Aqua liner & OOTD- Corset and Jeans

So I'm doing a first for this blog, I have an outfit of the day. It was so nice outside today, so I decided to walk to Ross, it's not very far from where I live.

And this is what I wore on my face

Products used:
ELF Primer Potion
MAC eyeshadow in Texture
Everyday Minerals Loose eyeshadow in Baby bath
Urban Decay Shadows in Naked and Virgin
MAC eyeshadow in brun(brows)
Mark Liquid Liner in Aqua
MAC Technakohl in Graphblack
Revlon Photo ready 3D volume in black

Hard Candy face primer
Hard candy tinted moisturizer in Tan
ELF tinted moisturizer in Almond
MAC blush in Margin

 ELF Lip gloss in Malt Shake

And this is what I wore today, excuse the mess :(
Jean capris
Old Navy spaghetti strap with lace trimming
Wet seal Black corset

Life points:
Yesterday on the way to my mother's(By the way I had a blast, played twister hoopla with my brothers, met the new puppy. The puppy's name is Odie, he's is a beagle chihuahua mix and he is so much fun) I was telling my husband that I wanted to go shopping on Friday at Ross for an outfit for the Easter event. To which Justin(Husband) say that I should go Target because it will cheaper and easier, to which I respond that I can find a outfit cheaper at Ross than at Target. He says no way, I say challenged ACCEPTED!

And here is the outfit I put together, I'm not wearing the shoes because when I went into the dressing room I tried to slip them on but they were the wrong size :(

 Price for the dress

Price for the Belt

Price for the shoes
The whole outfit would have cost 37.97$ before taxes
And if you shop at target, you would know that a dress will run at least 20$, a pair of nude heels will run from 20-25$ and a belt can run from 15-20$. You do the math.

While looking through the racks I saw this beautiful gown, I don't need it, if I could wear to my sister in law's wedding I would buy it. I'll ask her, it reminds me of a goddess toga :)
Thanks for reading!

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